This was such a fun shoot with Bikini Fitness Athlete and Personal Trainer Emma Jones. I've been photographing Emma since the 1990's but its been quite a few years since we've worked together. The weather has been pretty bad down here on the south coast, but we had perfect conditions this evening. There was no wind at all, the light was just perfect and it was just  warm enough to ensure Emma didn't get too cold! We did end up packing all the kit in complete darkness, but everything made it home in one piece. I'm really pleased with the result, exactly what I had in my mind. Big thanks to Janet for assisting.


Callum - Head Shots

Callum contacted me as he required a set of head shots for his drama school application. This was his first ever photo shoot and he was understandably a little nervous at first, but he quickly relaxed and really got into it. We got a truly excellent set of images with plenty of contrasting looks and styles. If his performance in the studio is anything to go by then he is certainly destined for great things.

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Freecom - mHDD

These Freecom 2TB mobile hard drives are really stunning  pieces of kit, their brushed steel finish was a joy to photograph. Here are 2 of the final images, produced in collaboration with Orckid.  

Putting the Profoto B1's through their paces.

Described as a cordless "off camera flash system" the Profoto B1 looks and feels very much like any other monoblock...except its not. I had read a huge amount of reviews on this new product, some praising it as the second coming, others damning it as a gratuitously expensive alternative to a speed light. Having used them for the first time I have to say that I am completely in love, they are solid as a rock, incredibly simple to use and deliver the results every time. This shoot was divided into 2 halves. Firstly, I went with the incredibly talented Janet Horn - singer, songwriter, guitarist, model, actress, vocal coach, the list goes one - one evening to Preston Rock garden. The following day we set off to Saltdean beach. Janet is so comfortable in front of the lens and with the 2 B1's at my side we produced a stunning set of images. Big thanks to Mark for assisting.

IMG_6098 copyWEB.jpg

Verbatim - Headphones

It's always a buzz to see the final result of my images. The talented team at Orckid have produced a stunning set of packaging designs for the new Verbatim headphone range. 


West Pier Murmuration of Starlings

I have seen this wonderful sight a number of times whilst out walking the dog and I promised myself that I would capture it. I sat for a few hours in the cold until the light was just as I wanted it and then shot a number of frames as the Starlings danced around the pier. 

Wise Productions - Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum is a truly incredible sight anytime of the day, how could you possibly improve upon Alfred Waterhouse's masterpiece? Well, you let the Wise Productions team loose to work their magic. On this very cold and drizzly December night I got the chance to capture their amazing transformation of this iconic building. 

The West Pier In The Mist

Allowed to fall into disrepair during the 1970's and finally destroyed by 2 separate fires in 2003,  a charred skeleton is all that remains of the once glorious West Pier in Brighton. It has been photographed many 1000's of times and I have been very keen to take capture an image of the Pier that is a break from the norm. I'm rather happy with this attempt.

Zettler - 100% Norway

In its 12th year, 100% Norway has brought the best of contemporary Norwegian interior and product design to Brick Lane, London. The exhibition featured prototypes from selected designers alongside classic and contemporary products. I was in attendance shooting on behalf of Zettler.

Tess of the D’Urbervilles - Promo Shoot - Stepping Out Theatre

Jessica Daley, Nick Hayes (both in full costume) and I took a cab to a top secret location on this lovely summers day and just started shooting straight away. These 2 are such pros, I was boiling hot in shorts and T-shirt, I can only imagine how they must have felt under all that heavy clothing. But they didn’t let it show once, they just got on with the job. I knew after the first set that we were onto something very good. The bird of prey that appeared out of nowhere and flew into shot just really set the tone for the day. Yes, that was actually there, no photoshop trickery involved! We did about 10 different set ups and during the last round a Husky Puppy ran up and jumped into Jessica's lap! We’d achieved way more than I could have dreamed of, the invasion of our little four legged friend was a signal to call it a day. I packed up the kit with a very big smile on my face and I couldn’t wait to get back and start the edit. I’m really excited about shooting the performance next week.