Michael Brydon - Freelance Photographer, Retoucher and Videographer - Hove


Psychodermabrasion - Jacksons Lane Theatre, London.

This was a very last minute commission indeed! Matthew Floyd Jones, otherwsie known as the male half of the musical comedy double act "Frisky & Manish, called me this afternoon to see if I could shoot his debut one performance at the Jacksons Lane Theatre. I always like a challenge so I loaded up my kit and hot-footed it to the far end of the Northern Line. I managed to get a really great collection of shoots just in time before the crowd where due to enter the theatre! This was the first time I'd worked with Matthew and I have to say it was a was an absolute pleasure. His show is utterly bizarre, but brilliant! I only wish I'd had the chance to see the whole thing, if he tours it again I will certainly be attending.

Michael Brydon