Michael Brydon - Freelance Photographer, Retoucher and Videographer - Hove


Studio 4 - Asprey Handbags

Now it may surprise you to hear this, but I don’t know that much about handbags. I know what they are, I’ve seen a few of them in my time and I think I have some idea what they are used for. What I didn’t know is that they can occasionally cost £25 000!! In my world that would buy me a Cube Stereo 140 C 68 mountain bike, a full carbon Cube Litening road bike, a custom made Fender guitar, a whole Black Diamond climbing rack, and a Leica M, with plenty of change change left over. But thats not everyone’s idea of fun, some people want a handbag that costs the same as a car! Here’s what one of those looks like, shot be me with a Sinar and Phase 1 back.

Michael Brydon